Brahmi with Butter Milk Tambuli / Vallarai Keerai ( Ondelaga ) Tambuli



Brahmi Tambuli
Brahmi Tambuli

Brahmi tambuli is a tasty and also a memory booster recipe for kids.

     About Brahmi Tambuli

        Brahmi tambuli is made with sauteed brahmi ground with some ingredients and mix with butter milk, finally seasoning made with basic ingredients. This brahmi tambuli is served along with white rice. Brahmi has lots of health benefits, mainly it is popular for increasing memory power. Brahmi is easily grown in any kitchen garden. Brahmi tambuli is prepared very easily with minimum ingredients. You can drink like a smoothie or have it with a boiled rice. This brahmi tambuli is famous in South region of India.

        Brahmi tambuli is a healthy traditional dish, also very nutrient – dense and thoughtfully prepared. Brahmi tambuli is one such recipe which meets all our requirements. This dish made from medicinal plant that are sure to keep you fit. Brahmi tambuli is very easy to prepare and is similar to prepare ant chutney but with butter milk in it. It is served cold and it pairs up beautifully with hot steamed rice and is good during hot summers.

     What is Tambuli

        Tambuli is a butter milk based curry made by grinding a vegetable, herb or spice with coconut and handful of spices. It also given a tempering which enhances the flavours. Tambuli is a easy gravy recipe and is served as a first course in multi course meal. Tambuli is made by different ingredients like, ginger tambuli, tomato tambuli, curry leaves tambuli, onion tambuli, mint tambuli, amla tambuli, spinach tambuli, coriander leaves tambuli, brahmi tambuli and so on.

        Tambuli is originated from the state of Karnataka in India. It is a combination of 2 words “  Tampu “ and “ Huli “. Tampu meaning cool and huli is a term used for a sambar like gravy. Hence the word tambuli. Tambuli is a very common dish which is made during the summer season as the ingredients it has cools the body. Most of the tambulis are made the same way. There are many varieties as well. Tambuli is a really great and quick way to prepare them . Tambuli is often served with rice before having sambar or rasam.

        Tambuli is often not sold commercially. Some restaurants serve a cup of tambuli as a part of their plate meals. These are one of the easiest rice accompaniment that can be prepared in a jiffy. The taste of tambuli is different depending on what it’s made out of. Tambuli tambuli can be prepared with in few minutes.

     About Brahmi

        Brahmi is a medicinal herb. It has soft, hairy stems and bright green oval, succulent leaves. It’s flowers are small and white with yellow centers. It has lots of health benefits. Brahmi is one of the oldest and most powerful brain tonic used in ayurvedic system from ancient times is brahmi. It grows naturally in wet soil, shallow water and marshes. It has a bitter and sweet taste and is known to impart a cooling energy. It can be easily cultivated in pots, in a garden under a shade or even under full sun when provided ample water.

        Brahmi is considered bitter and energetically cooling and can be steeped in herbal tea, employed in extracts or infused in oil for topical use. Brahmi is frequently incorporated in to auuariums due to its ability to grow and live in water. Brahmi has been used for many centuries, particularly as part of the ayurvedic medicine tradition. Brahmi was used to treat issues involving mental, physical and spiritual health. Brahmi is used to promote better quality of life.

    memory booster brahmi
    Brahmi Details

     How to Use Brahmi

        Brahmi has 2 main uses. Internal uses and external uses.

        Internal Use  - You can ingest brahmi as a tablet, powder or extract. You can make it  several dishes like tambuli, chutney, rasam , juice and so on.

        External Use – You can take brahmi oil for skin health and even relieve discomfort from sunburn. Also apply brahmi oil to scalp to promote better hair quality. In addition to oil, you have the option of using brahmi topically as a paste.

     Benefits of Brahmi

    ·         Brahmi improves cognitive skills and stimulates the mind to improve memory and concentration.

    ·         Brahmi paste promotes hair growth. Brahmi fuels up the hair follicles and helps to reverse hair loss. You can also consume brahmi, since ir helps to stimulate circulation in the scalp, which in turn helps to regrow hair.

    ·         Regular consumption of brahmi can strengthen immune system. The antioxidant compounds in it supplement the nutrients which result in an increased response time of the immunity system against bacterial or virus infections and other pathogens.

    ·         Brahmi can help regulate blood sugar levels, particularly in patients with diabetes.

    ·         Brahmi is good for people suffering from gout, arthiritis and other inflammatory conditions. Applying brahmi oil can also reduce the appearance of scars, giving glowing skin.


    ·         1 cup brahmi leaves

    ·         ½ cup butter milk / neer mor

    ·         2 tsp grated coconut

    ·         1 green chilly

    ·         1 tsp cumin seeds

    ·         ½ tsp pepper corn

    ·         1 tsp ghee

    ·         Salt as needed

         To Temper

    ·         1 tsp ghee

    ·         1 tsp cumin seeds

    ·         1 dry red chilly

        Prep Time  -  5 mins         Cook Time  -  2 mins

                                Cuisine  -   Indian

     Cooking Method

    ·         Wash brahmi leaves well

    ·         In a pan heat 1 tsp ghee


    ·         Once ghee melt, add cumin seeds and pepper corn

    ·         Saute it till the cumin seeds crackle

    ·         Add brahmi leaves

    ·         Saute it until the brahmi leaves starts shrinking

    ·         After cooled, in a mixer add grated coconut, green chilly and sauteed brahmi leaves

    ·         Add little water

    ·         Blend it and add rock salt

    ·         Blend well in to a fine paste

    ·         Transfer to a bowl

    ·         Add butter milk / neer mor

    ·         Mix well and check salt consistency. If you need add little more water


    ·         In a pan heat 1 tsp ghee

    ·         Add cumin seeds and dry red chilly

    ·         Let it crackle

    ·         Pour this tempering to the tambuli

    ·         Serve with rice


    ·         In a pan heat 1 tsp ghee. Once ghee melt, add cumin seeds and pepper corn. Saute it till the cumin seeds crackle.

    ·         Add brahmi leaves. Saute it until the brahmi leaves starts shrinking.

    ·         After cooled, in a mixer add grated coconut, green chilly and sauted brahmi leaves. Add little water.

    ·         Blend it and add rock salt. Blend well in to a fine paste.

    ·         Transfer to a bowl. Add butter milk / neer mor. Mix well and check salt consistency.

    ·         Now healthy and tasty brahmi tambuli is ready.






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